Customer Loyalty System: Highly customizable card-based loyalty program that will run on both contact and contact-less Smartcards. 

  • Compatible with Linux or Windows-based POS systems
  • Base features include points awarding, points redemption, and points rollback due to item returns
  • Card data is fully encrypted to prevent information theft or manipulation
  • Supports promotional points awarding based on customer birthdate, membership date, store anniversary, and other special occasions
  • Can support multiple loyalty schemes
  • Can support multiple merchants using a single card (multiple application)
  • In the absence of a PC-based POS, we can provide an integrated, stand-alone solution that can run our system without the need for a separate computer
  • Highly flexible to support other card types, e.g., magstripe cards
  • Optional database hosting of customer loyalty data 

Mobile App Development: We build custom apps that cater to your specific requirements

  • Tablet-based sales tracking and loyalty system, suitable for small footprint environments
  • Custom-built mobile apps that interface with your existing systems, extending the capability of your hardware
  • Web portals that your customers can access to learn about your offerings, as well as access their individual information from your loyalty system

Cashless Payment System: Smartcard-based electronic purse system that allows cashless transactions.

  • Fully functional card loading and card debiting system
  • Can be used in gift check implementations, with rewritable cards replacing paper coupons
  • Full encryption of card data to prevent fraud
  • Can be included as an added module to our Loyalty System
  • Configurable to work as a renewable or one-time use gift certificate

Time and Attendance and Access Control: Utilizes contact-less cards for employee/member identification. Fully-customizable software that fits any organization or entity, e.g., schools, offices, etc.

  • Smartcard technology ensures secure and accurate identification of individuals
  • Works with any Windows-based payroll system
  • Can run on a portable, stand-alone reader, perfect for offsite conventions and conferences
  • See Novaware Mobile Attendance Registration System

Automated Voting System: Computer-based e-voting system that eliminates election fraud and lengthy canvassing of votes.

  • Utilizes cards or voter ID numbers to ensure proper identification of registered voters
  • Fully configurable settings: number of candidates, number of positions, number of winners per position
  • Built-in safeguards against flying or ghost voters
  • Encrypted voting records prevent database tampering
  • Results can be viewed while elections are ongoing
  • Final election results are available as soon as the voting period ends
  • Election results can be printed to allow for paper records and archiving
  • Perfect for conventions, cooperatives and any other organization that holds elections

Training and Support :Specialized training on Smartcards and Smartcard Readers

  • Fundamentals of Smartcard Technology
  • Hardware configurations and setup
  • Application software and Software Development Kit (SDK)