Mobile Attendance Registration System (M.A.R.S.)

Manual registration of attendees using pen and paper is an outdated and cumbersome method that takes up valuable time and is prone to user error. The MARS product from Novaware elminates manual user input through the use of a smartcard-based, handheld attendance recording device that automatically logs all attendance information and consolidates them into easily-viewable spreadsheet reports.

  • Automated - Attendees simply tap their smartcards on the MARS recording device to register their attendance. There is no need to fill out any forms or press any buttons. All the required data is automatically collected from the smartcard.
  • Fast - Attendance is recorded in the span of a second as compared to manual methods which can take up to a minute or more. Long queues at the attendance registration booth are eliminated.
  • Affordable - The MARS recording devices are cheaper than laptops which can be used for the same purpose. The devices are also less prone to theft.
  • Accurate - Since there is no manual data entry, no data is lost or mis-recorded. All the information is gathered and stored digitally and remains complete when transferred to the spreadsheet reports.
  • Portable - Due to their form factor, the MARS recording devices are easy to transport and store, making them ideal for offsite events. They also do not need a workng WIFI connection to function.
  • Archivable - Attendance logs and training histories can be saved and kept indefinitely. There is no need to keep sheets of paper as records.
  • Secure - Data on the smartcards are locked and cannot be read by anyone without the proper key. Clone cards cannot be created without this key.
  • Ease of use - Training groups and Event Managers will love MARS for its easy setup, fast data collection, and accurate and timely reports.